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Friday, December 30, 2005

Sharepoint Products

When we talk about SDLC, depending to different factors (e.g. Project Size, development timeline, development distribution and the most important thing THE BUDGET) bunch of rules, documents and templates will be created. These artifacts should be published to a defined repository and be available for involved team members. [We never forget the artifacts have different policy access] So there is a need to a simple and easy to use tool.

SharePoint Portal is a very powerful Content Management tool, which you can create multiple components (e.g. customized lists, announcement lists, list of links and more). According to Microsoft terminology, these components are called Web Parts.
Besides SharePoint Portal, there is SharePoint Services which is totally free. The major difference between the two is the search capability, meaning you do have search option in Portal, while you do not have it in Services.
There are some predefined Web Parts in out-of-the-box SharePoint, but you can develop your own as well as you can download them. Check this

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