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Monday, February 06, 2006

You have to track your build, otherwise ...

Daily build is one of the most important success key in software development lifecycle. Daily build gives you opportunity to see the progress of development. Besides that it gives better view to developers to see the bugs and fix them before the end of construction phase.
Some of the daily builds will be shipped out, either they are certified builds or prescheduled/official builds.
When we use “shipping out” terms we have to have the ability of tracking the build.

.Net Assembly files have version that can be maintained for each build. You need just to maintain the AssemblyVersion attribute in assemblyinfo.* file.

[assembly: AssemblyVersion("A.B.CCCC.DDDD")]

You can find the definition for different parts of version number at here

But what happens to build process? We can’t open the file every time, modify the version and close it.
We need a command line application. Thanks to Matt Griffith for the reliable Console Application. Download it and enjoy.

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